dress - vintage
jumper - vintage swatch jumper from the 90's 
boots - red rouge vintage DOC MARTENS
hat - vintage, from salvos
jacket - SOMEDAYS LOVIN sample
bag - MINKPINK, leather
copper collar necklace - VANESSA MOONEY
photos by - WILL BRADEN, my legend love

an outfit i wore last week.
we have been having such a string of gorgeous sunny weather in sydney this winter...'s been awesome!
i really hope it follows through into summer - pretty sure last year's summer was a massive dud.
runt of the litter if you will.

swiped this 'swatch watch' jumper off my dad a good 10+ years ago.
(saying this makes me feel pretty dang old, but whatever)
i wear it weekly and could not really imagine life without it.

hope you are all well and happy!

big love


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