boots - red rouge vintage DOC MARTENS
short/skort - SOMEDAYS LOVIN north islands shorts VIA MARKET HQ
jacket - AMERICAN APPAREL unisex sleeveless denim jacket
jumper - SOMEDAYS LOVIN lone canyon printed jumper via MARKET HQ
sunnies - AMERICAN APPAREL wire sunglasses, limited stock available
backpack - vintage DOC MARTENS i scored from an opportunity store
beanie - STAPLE THE LABEL bobble beanie

an outfit i wore this past weekend whilst chilling with my man and sister
above we are having brunch at the bird and bear boathouse in elizabeth bay
it's right on the water and has a beautiful view over the harbour - highly recommend !

was so great to have my little sister tori visiting for a few nights,
kept it pretty chill but spent most of the time hitting my favourite pubs and
bars and we got our mojito on in a very big way (why not?!!?)

above are the latest docs i have been lucky enough to add to my ever growing collection
i have been meaning to get my paws on a pair of cherry red’s since i can remember,
so to finally have a pair, i couldn’t be more smitten.
love how these guys in particular have a super dark, vintage, redy brown tone... gives them that country/outback edge, which i am def into.
yay for docs! can't go wrong.

will have a "day in the life of my docs part 2" to follow in a few days,
so be sure to keep an eye out for that :)

friday tomorrow - hells yeah!
hope you have all had a great week!

big love


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