jeans - EVIL TWIN bad boy plaid BF jean
sunnies - OAKLEY limited addtion aquatique 
shoes - DOC MARTENS via EBAY
backpack - DOC MARTENS from an op shop
necklaces - sting, tied in knots
watch - KOMONO

a few shots my willie and i took just yesterday post our huge brunch/lunch in paddington
if you didn't already know, my life love WILL takes all my blog photos these days..
...he is pretty damn good at taking photos,
so you should hit up his tumblr for amazing photographs, he is he shiz.

absolutely LOVE these EVIL TWIN bad boy plaid BF jeans
i saw them, and fell in love instantly.
i am all about buying them a size too big too, for the extra oversized look and feel.
if it makes jeans feel like i am wearing trackies...i will go there, of course.

hope you all had great weekends!

big love


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