Somedays Lovin
"Saturdays" Winter 2013

"join us on our Saturday adventure; exploring city streets, scouring thru book stores, hunting for vintage treasures and mapping out travel plans. These are our favourite days, our days most inspired. Dressed in vintage denim, mexican florals, textured knits and a scarf in her hair, the somedays girl rocks a look all of her own; eclectic, free spirited, undone. She’s on a mystified journey and she hasn’t even left the city…"

so so in love with this range  !

will post some of the behind the scenes shots too of us shooting the lookbook,
so keep your eyes pealed!
hit up the lookbook itself's super worth it.

photography by ben sullivan
model - francesca @ EMG
designer and styling - laura liles
assistant designer - annabel wendt

hope you have all had great weeks!


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