i did some tie dye and bleach experimentation over the easter long weekend...
below are some snaps and DIY tips on my little solo adventure...
excluding the above (obviously) all photos are taken in order of how the events unfolded.
didn't get photos of everything, but did my best.
hope you enjoy !

when i bought him he was bright solid blue,
so first i soaked him in some bleach for a solid 10 minutes or so.
then hung out on the line without rinsing and left to dry over night.
i then threw him in the washing machine with powder and the usual bits to get all the bleach out.
did this twice and then hung out to dry.

the shirt was then looking as he is here, practically all white, the stitching and print colour held though,
which was awesome.
i then placed him flat on the ground, and sprayed with some water on the front and back,
just so it was a little damp.
i didn't have a water spray bottle handy, nor could i be bothered to go out and buy one,
so i just got an old pine o clean bottle and cleaned it out and used that. easy done.

with the t-shirt now flat on the ground (as per first image above) i started twisting from the centre.
i suggest doing this on a smooth surface or floor, that way it stays relatively neat without too much effort.

i kept on twisting and twisting until it slowly twisted into a circle.
i tried to keep it neat as possible, so if it wanted to fold in areas then i would fold in neatly and continue twisting.
i just kept twisting and twisting until i could twist no more.

once i had a nice circle, i then then stretched three elastic bands around him carefully to keep the shape.
the second pic above shows what it looks like on the flip side - all that neat twisting paid off, woo !

my next step was mixing up my dyes and moving outside before shit got real in my living room.

i then placed some plastic bags down on the cement outside my laundry to keep the dye controlled 
and had a roll of paper towels on the ready.
i also had a pair of plastic gloves on so i wouldn't look like a 5 year old post arts and crafts day for the next week.

above are the colours i had to play with. purple, pink, blue and yellow...all ready to go.
the ones in the little bottles came in a little kit i bought from spotlight which also had gloves and rubber bands.
it wasn't expensive at all - somewhere between the $7 and $15 mark, can't remember.
the bottles have the dye powder in them and all you do is add water and shake it up.
i didn't want to use all the power so tipped a little of each into a snap lock bag for next time.
cool story Hansel..moving on.

the yellow RIT dye came in a box (about $7 each) and i just put a little of the power into a clean recycled sauce bottle.
then added warm water and swirled it around until it was all dissolved.
i again kept what i didn't use for next time.
i basically just followed instructions on my packs, it wasn't rocket science.

i then squirted/poured onto the banded up shirt as above right.
i put my primary school knowledge of colour mixing to the test and luckily was able to make a successful rainbow.
i did this on both sides then left it as it was for a good hour or two.

 i got impatient so decided to do more in the meantime as waiting for that to soak was too boring.

I chose 3x more white t-shirts and got them nice n damp and whirled them up.

i did slightly different colour mixes on these to get a different look.
the one on the left is pink, blue and purple, and i left some areas white.
the one on the right is practically a rainbow again i guess, i am not sure where i was going with it,
other than wanting the yellows/oranges and greens to be more dominant, just kind of winged it.

the one here on the left is again a rainbow but i tried to use a little less dye,
plus i didn't leave this one to soak up the dye for as long as i wanted a more pastel effect.
this was the last t shirt i did, so as soon as he was dyed up, i did a quick tidy up of the area
then started rinsing and hanging the others out in the order i dyed them.
the photo on the right shows all the guys tied up and soaking up dye in the sun..just before rinse attack kicked in.

above are a couple of shots of the last t shirt i did.
on the left i am rinsing him out in the sink, and on the right is the completed shirt.
as you can see, the left image shows the shirt with more vibrant colours present,
but on the right, you see after a good rinse, it fades back a few notches - so be prepared for this !
seeing as i wanted this to be more of a pastel finish, i was pretty happy with the result at this point.
BUT after a wash in the machine after it dried, i did lose a little more colour again,
so that was a bit of a dang. but lesson leant none the less.

above left is the first shirt i did, then the right is my second.

on the left here is the third one i did, and on the right is a denim skirt i had done some work on too.
when i started it was black and had zero damage.
i first slashed him up to my desire with some household scissors and grinded up the waistband and pockets.
i washed him a good three times before doing anything the distressing got all worked up on it's own.
next i soaked in bleach for couple of hours and washed again a few times in the machine.
it is currently looking as it is above, but i think i might wear it a few times then do some updates.
might give it another bleach session and then apply some of my dye to it.
what colour, or colours for that matter i might do is yet to be decided.

would def suggest anyone give this ago.
don't think it really takes any skill and is just super fun!
you can't really go too wrong either, any result is going to be awesome in it's own right.
will keep you all posted on the skirt too!


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