necklaces - a few bits of old string/leather tied in knots

hey yo!
apart from loving turning my hair into a top knot/water fountain,
i am loving my new ray ban clubmasters. 
as much as i would prefer to be jack nicholson rocking a pair of ray bans (let's face it, he is the shit)
i will happily be wearing these guys year round pretending in my head i look just as cool as he. 
mind over matter.
so i leave you below with some epic images of the man himself,
as these are way cooler and inspiring than myself wearing them, ten fold..obviously...

hope those involved / attending MBFW are having a ball too !
from all your updates, looks like good times all round.
work is hectic for me at the moment in the best of ways so won't be hitting it up this year yet again.
rest assured - i will be watching !

peace out people have a great week friends!


all images of jack via google images

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