dress - FREE PEOPLE Washed Ashore Maxi Dress
boots - docs
hat - aussie tourist store on the gold coast
rings - MINKPINK and EVIL TWIN jewellery
sunnies - MINKPINK SHADES Sophmore's

heyo! sorry for the lack in posting of late...been busy with life!

this FREE PEOPLE dress is a new and very exciting addition to my wardrobe,
could not love it MORE.
going to be one of those no fail party dresses i can throw on anytime. so good.
as we were shooting this outfit today we were ambushed (in a good way) by 2 of my neighbour's cats,
they are pretty cool and i most definitely wanted to steal them both.
i refrained the urge...for now.

also bought a surf board this weekend which is pretty damn exciting.
can't wait to get my blue crush on and have some fun!

hope you are all well and happy!


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Your Only Black Swan said...

Beautiful photos, that dress is so romantic in all the right ways! AND THOSE CATS!!! I DIE!!

Jaeger said...

your rings are amazing and how cute were those little cats!



Eleonora Borsato said...

Your dress, your reings, your shoes. Everything perfect.


Heather said...

So in love with your Free People dress!!!


Nathan Moy said...

This dress is so gorgeous, I love the coolness and boho vibe from it, the layering and seemingly randomness of it is so refreshing! I totally adore this and the cats are so gorge. I've just bought my first 3.1 PHILLIP LIM mini-Pashli in a plastic and white texture, I'd say it's quite provoking, do tell what you think ;)

xx The Provoker

kellandsechy said...

Great pics! The cats have really made the photos. I love all the rings and accesories you have on too.



Lauren said...

Such an amazing dress! Loving the boho vibe. Oh, and those cats are too cute :)

The Wearwithal said...

Such cute kitties!!

Mary said...

You always wear the most fantastic jewellery and oh boy, look at that dress! So romantic. Free People are really killing it, aren't they! x

tackydidaxie said...

haha kitty rump kisser x

JennyScribbles said...

love all your rings! and your dress is beautiful


MacK @ SoulMakes Jewelry said...

Soo gorgeous! That dress is sooo amazing! xoxox

MacK @ SoulMakes Blog

animalorchestra said...

Cats and fashion...forever the perfect combination.

MindGames said...

Nice photos, shoes are amazing! :)

Cindy said...

hey annabel, love this look, it's so ethereal and you are beautiful in it a washed ashore mermaid vibe for sure.

I wanted to ask a favour. I have the same vintage docs are you and my heel broke on one so i wanted ask if you can send me a close up side photo of the heel of yours so i can see how yours are put together. the people at docs seam to think mine were repaired before and that's why they broke, they're not the original heel. The new version the clemency's heel is all one piece where as mine is attached to the docs sole, not one molded piece.

I tried looking for a close up on your blog, but I could find one. It would really help me out.

Thanks. If your able to send me the pics my email is

Becky Jean said...

WONDERFUL rings, dress, hat and cats!!

CATS! Wonderful!!


Amanda said...

This is one of my favourite outfits on your blog! I love how it's so dressy, casual and paired with some black Doc's