top - All That Glitters by MINKPINK via MARKET HQ
jumpsuit - vintage, bought off etsy
plaid shirt - salvos mens
sunnies - MINKPINK Sophomore's
backpack - DOC MARTENS op shopped
socks - Over the Knee Sheer Socks by AMERICAN APPAREL
necklaces - MINKPINK wishbone, other 2 made by me
shoes - CONVERSE via Surf Stitch on WESTFIELD ONLINE

sorry for lack of posts - rest assured i am still alive !
danced my heart out for a solid 8 hours at a 90's house party Saturday night,
don't think i have ever been so much in my element.
the house was full of chokers, plaid shirts, denim/floral combo dresses, backpacks, butterfly clips,
the list is endless...but my god what a night.
the fact my muscles are still sore says either A i don't work out (which is true)
OR B, there just aren't enough 90's house parties going down...bring it back!
still in recovery mode!

hope you all had a great weekend too!



Allison said...

o wow, You look stunning! I love your converse and t-shirt <3

Carmen said...

The plaid shirt wrapped around your waist is the best part of this outfit, so good!

Carmen Ri.

Friend in Fashion said...

Gorgeous as always - love the jumpsuit!!!!

- Friend in Fashion

Urszula said...

so cool ! love it !please check out my giveaway!

Natalie Suarez said...

super duper cute!! love it :)


SAMANTHA said...

love this laid back look! x

Ally Carey Unknown Pleasures said...

rad as always bel! XX

Jaeger said...

you always have such unique style!


Style Hostess said...

looking super Annabel. Glitter top and jacket tied around the wist. back to the old school days~


Style Hostess

Aine O'hagan said...

love this look! so 90's its fabulous!!

helen @ thelovecatsINC said...

love this outfit!

from, helen at

Shevah said...

you are so freaking perfect.


Elizabeth James said...

sounds like so much fun! loving your outfit too :)

Laura L. said...

love this!
you are so brave:)
Love your crazy style!