crop top, skirt and sunnies - MINKPINK via MARKET HQ

first things first.
summer is here - so turrrn it the fuck up!
2 days in a row at the beach = heaven.

my newest and most favourites on my body right here people.
received these hot hot hot MINKPINK goods this friday and BAM put them right on.
as for these TONY BIANCO's....please don't leave my feet.
apart from the now sore foot / leg muscles I have from wearing heels for an entire night,
(heels and i are a verrrry rare occurance)
these babies are perfection ! super comfy and so pretty. ahhhh shoe love! we reunite.

thanks to Market HQ for the MINKPINK goods!
and thank you to TONY BIANCO for the stampers!

also very funny, as i was wearing this friday night,
so was my girl Seraina from LORD HOW THEY HYPNOTIZE blog.
check her out in the get up too HERE. - damn her for being such a smoking babe though.
yay twins!