movies.pop culture.=obsession

in no particular order...
shaquille o'neal.bruce lee.brandon lee.andy warhol.dennis hopper.seth rogen.james franco.marlon brando.albert einstein.winona.johnny depp.micheal jackson.paul mcartney.alice cooper.iggy pop.john belushi.bill murray.milla jovovich.the giant.drew barrymore.dean martin.jerry lewis.marilyn monroe.muhammad ali.bill murray.dan aykroyd.elvis.jimi hendrix.angelina jolie.bob marley.jack nicholson.arnie swartz.the lucas.bowie.jim henson....minor run down of shit I love.
i love sundays....
pub steak lunch.
new house activities.
hired all of the old star wars movies.
harrison ford what's up.
making new house furniture.
drinking dark and stormy's.eating pizza.prawns.and salad.

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