Alessandra Ambrosio, Elle France March 2010

well i am officially a "runner" now...okay i have been on two, whatever
this is clearly going to be the future me.
group of topless men included.
tight like a tiger.
going to keep believing it's possible (which it's not, don't worry i am not that stupid)
at least 3 times a week for motivation.
let's do this...!



Aida said...

Amazing pics!! I want to run too, but Im so lazy, I always end up giving up!!


Fiel Sol Jewellery said...

Great pics...

If only every jog was like that ;) x


vivalaivy said...

thanks hot :)
i only walk every morning, wish im that fit to turn that into a run every morning :P


haha great to see you in the runners club now. Honestly hun, its pretty much hell for the first couple of months BUT then trust me when I say you wont be able to live without it afterwards! You can do this!


Btw, Alessandra is a TOTAL babe. Anything she does makes her look amazing! ha

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Great shots! She's pretty <3 x


summer said...

in these pictures she looks nice, but in some others, especially the ones, done by paparazzi, she is too skinny.

Laurel said...

I just started running too!! It gets addictive fast, don't worry, you'll be like Alessandra in no time! ;)

WOLFCUB said...

haha you are hilarious, thanks for the shout out. Enjoy your runs, and save one of those topless men for me...preferably headless red briefs guy. With abs like that, I don't care what his face looks like x

Estilo Cotidiano said...

this is a great thing to look at for workout motivation!!


Callahan Brooks said...

Its making me want to be a runner! x