Yeah okay so I am only human...judge me if you will.
Watched this movie again tonight...will always be obsessed by it.
Don't get me started on the soundtrack either.



Teresauras said...

Hey! It was good. I don't blame you.

.shea marie. said...

i totally agree. i love this!!

much love from hollywood ca
shea marie

Star-Light said...

i LOVE this movie!!

Kelly said...

No judgement here my friend. I have this movie on my iphone!!! This and Dirty Dancing. Haha.
Airports are never boring now.


Kelly said...

* Also first ex-rental video I ever bought. I made them take my name and number and everything!

Abby said...

weird you should post this today, we were talking about it last night at work randomly and i was like oh gosh my mission this weekend is to watch it again, I don't think I've watched it since year 9 or something! Gosh. I am very excited for some leo.


EM (le rĂªve) said...

i would never judge!
this movie is so lovely, i cry every time! plus fits in well with the whole romantic, wedding atmosphere around, don't you think? :) x

oriwa said...

Never gets old. I adore this film too


Jenelle Witty said...

Love that film. I got to see the costumes about 10 years ago, Claire Danes' white dress, wings and all was amazing! It even had a little tear in the front. The detailing on the guns, that blue Hawaiian shirt, they were all so cool. I took photos, I should dig them up... and scan. If I do I will post them on my blog and send you the link.

Keep up the great work! Loving your blog!

Amelia said...

ohhh i love romeo and juliet... *sigh*


never gets old babe xxx

Lessa416 said...

Hmmm... I still prefer the Zeffirelli version >.>

Platform Princess said...

F*ck yeah! *geek alert* I know ALL the words to the film and soundtrack :s

Don't judge me.

Hope you're well lover xx

Emma said...

love love love this movie

Lisa Ann said...

My All Time Favorite Movie! I have lost count how many times I have watched it, and how many times I have listen to the soundtrack.

Love Your Blog!
☮ Lisa Ann

T&J said...

amazing.i love the song at the end.