Photographer / Source -
Will Braden
Summer seems to be slipping away far too fast... sad.

All photographs taken by a llama / photographer Will Braden.

He is so very agile with the camera.



CARI said...

Where are your cozies from? Sad about beach days, happy about sleep-in weather :)

Callahan Brooks said...

I love the photos, looks like such a perfect lifestyle! x

SAMANTHA said...

absolutely stunning photography. where are you from? australia? it will be summer here in the US in a few months.. come visit! :)


S. said...

lovely pictures, make me miss the summer even more..

love, selina

Ugly Cute said...

love these, makes me so excited for warmer weather


Eranda Janku said...

Ohhhh I miss summer days !

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Oracle Fox said...

You, my little hottie are as cute as a button!! How sweet is that piccie of with the sunlight behind you, like a sunkissed lovechild!! Yay back now and in normal internet world again, catching up on all your wicked posts and tomorrow 1 zillion emails, hehe. xxx

sophie said...

breathtaking dear.

Girl Friday said...

I can't wait for some cooler weather! This pics look like a lot of fun though!


Leather & Lace said...

wow love these!! i want to hit the beach stat!

Jassica Rich said...

lovely pictures, make me miss the summer even more...thanks For Collections. plz check my blogs.

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