Sharp Shoulder Jacket -
T-Shirt - Sportsgirl
Jeans - Bardot
Belt - Leather Vintage Op/Thrift Shopped
Shoes - Mens Leather Vintage Op/Thrift Shopped
Sunnies - Minty Meets Munt Crown St
Bag - Witchery, Leather
Necklaces - Markets, and Jake Gordons ;) Thanks Jake.
Well HEL-LO sunshine!
Today outside, the weather is GORGEOUS.
So I couldn't wait to bust out my pink shoulders jacket.
Fits the mood in the air perrrrfectly.
Anyone in Sydney; you know what I am going on about.
So excited - we are shooting the Stylestalker lookbook tomorrow.
Will be a BIG LONG day indeeeeeed.
But am going to snap the house down and share some pics with you guys.
Stay tuneddddddd :)


Pom Pom Beanie -
American Apparel
Jacket - American Apparel
Jeans - Nudie, Customized
Tee - Vintage
Boots - Doc Martens
The Styletyrant

Would def wear this entire outfit from pom pom to toe.
My boy Jake is looking flyyyy in his get up here shot and featured by 'The Styletyrant'.
Have a pull towards corduroy atm....think it will be a hit for winter!
Also want this beanie is every single colour. SO cute.


Interview April 2010
Photographer: Craig McDean
Model: Freja Beha Erichsen
Source: TFS
Ohhhhhh Freja.
Why be so beautiful??? Please stop it (well, please don't).
Loveeee this recent editorial in Interview Magazine.
The textures, colours and shapes; both in Freja's movement and the fabrics, are spectacular.
I love that it still has the femininity of a classic ballerina, but has the modern rough twist to it too. Which Freja portrays much to perfection...
Would love to know who styled it...anyone know?
SO glad I decided to stay in this Sat night.. those who know me in know I have been pushing it to the max.. it's great to have a night in alone to chill and try to get an early night.
Hope you are all enjoying your weekends!
(for tomorrow, obviously)


New amazing friends really are always around each and every corner...


Calf High Socks - American Apparel
Plaid Shirt - Vintage Mens (opshopped/thrifted)
Bag - Witchery
Boots - Topshop
Wore this yesterday to work at Stylestalker and then out to dinner.
Had another of my favourite cocktails...soo good.
Another classic case of me dressing for comfort.
Love wearing socks with everything at the moment...
I am a sucker for socks in general actually... loving the fact they are EVERYWHERE right now. yayyy.
Also bought this key necklace the other day for $10...
..I am sure quality is (obviously) low, but hey, $10, whateverrr.
Hope you are all enjoying your week so far!


Vogue Russia, May 2010
Photographer: Tom Munro
Model: Anabela Belikova

Source - tfs
One of the best Vogue covers I have seen in a long time!
It screams vintage Vogue - in a good way.
Anabela is devine. The make-up is perfection. The styling and colours are dead on.
Thank you Vogue Russia.


Leather Jacket - Stylestalker
Lace Leggings / Tights - American Apparel
Love my Stylestalker Leather goodness...
...pretty sure as we hit some really cold weather here, this won't leave my back.
Also totally into these lace leggings from American Apparel...'s like tough and girlie all at once. Hectic.!
Not much to report personally...
..still keeping busy, working non stop, meeting new ppl everyday.
Just soaking it all in.
Life is good.


images - screencaps website, sourced myself
Edward Scissorhands.
I watched it last night (twice) and it always leaves me wanting more.
The music, the story, the's just so beautiful.
Tim Burton did this one to absolute perfection.
If you have not seen it (!!) please, please go watch it.


images - the skullset and death wears diamond jewellery tumblr
Hey guys, been so non stop these days...
...but still having so so much fun.
Meeting some amazing people that I am already in love with.
But where are all the hours in the day?
I say we protest! I think 30 would cut it.
Hope you all had great weekends!