Dress - Vintage

Sunnies - American Apparel Vintage
Belt - Vintage
Hat - Vintage
The name itself wins me over...
...simply for the fact it rhymes with Notorious, one of my favourite Duran Duran songs.
Last night I attended the Victorious Store's 1st Birthday Party.
The store is gorgeous, quirky and based in a cute little Paddington laneway just behind Oxford St.
Decked out with the latest in up-and-coming Australian Designers,
tailored Vintage, and an awesome array of old records and trinkets,
this gem is pure heaven.
Sally the owner, was more than accommodating and happy to have a chat with all of her guests.
I also may have fallen in love with the coolest 3 year old in the world,
her name is Harper and she is more than amazing.
Rocking out in her flower head-piece and tailor made blazer jacket, she has got it going on.
Hope you all had great weekends too!


kissablysweet510 said...

omg who is that sweet lil gurl? she is sooo adorable? love ur blog dear xoxoxoxox

Oracle Fox said...

Bel you look amazing!!! What is that beautiful prairie dress, I'm so jealous!! Love how you styled it and your accessories!! Looks like a fun night, sometimes we feel so far away from the action up here! xx

i want what she's wearing said...

I love "Notorious" too! haha. That girl is so sweet.. Harper is such a good name too.

nicoline :) said...

that name also grab my attention!
I opened your page because of that curiosity that comes after seeing the title!

check me some time!

tackydidaxie said...

aw Harper is adorable. x

tackydidaxie said...

aw Harper is adorable. x

luarna said...

That boutique is Soooo amazing!!!! Have you seen those one piece cozzies... I DIE!

Sarah Stopforth said...

Ah Bel! I knew it would be amazing! And those records -ohmygod- it just makes it all the more a MUST VISIT when I eventually get to Sydney.... one day. And of course you look amazing, as always. I've been admiring your sunglasses and numerous fedoras for ages! Any particular vintage stores you got them from? Or was it eBay? ;) heheh


Jessica said...

got the sneak peek yesterday from ur twitter!
bet the store was amazing!

Hippie Fruit said...

So everyone in these photos is lookin prettyyy stylish.. but that little girl!!! Her jacket blew me away!! Not only wearable but edible !! xx

Natalie Suarez said...

cute! this looks like so much fun! love it :)

Glamour Bbey. said...

Great pictures!!

Market HQ said...

Love this place! Harper is adorable!


Princess Charlotte said...

my favorite part about this post is the dog purse in the fourth pic up from the bottom.

dani said...

i found this gem while exploring the streets of Sydney on my last trip there...lead to a much lighter wallet
gorgeous post as always