Dress - Minkpink

Oversized Shirt - American Apparel
Belt - Vintage
Necklace - Made by moi
Photos - My Own - Sorry they aren't the best
So last I attended the Sportsgirl Summer Launch Runway Show

Was really impressed with some of the key looks they are going
to be pushing through as we start to hit the heat.
Staying true to Sportsgirl-Style..
Lots of florals, lace embellishments, maxi's, cute cut-outs, clogs, loads of accessories...
Lots of goodness really.
Was also a good excuse to catch up with some fellow bloggers there.

Saw my lady Zanita and also met Gala from Amlul.
Was a great night all in all and I hope to attend the shows again in the future.
Thanks Sportsgirl!