More weekend madness.
Too much fun involved with all my favourites...
Days slowly rolling into much on.
Going to miss my newest friend Gala who leaves us on Thursday...
...kipnapping plans are in the works.
Today spent time at the Shop Til You Drop HQ and did a quick shoot...
...have to wait until December though to see it!
Doing another shoot for Minkpink tomorrow..hectic days.
And loving every second.
Also I have been featured on the Sportsgirl website HERE
A little interview and Sydney Profile :)
Hope you all had great weekends too.
My new iphone arrived today...a learning process is to follow.
I have zero idea how to use this thing!
Happy Monday


Kelly said...

Haha the old 'You sit in the foothole' cabride hey?

Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

hahah indeed! I was dubbed "polly pocket" haha just doing it for the team xxx

MELISSA Z. said...

amazing pics, so much fun!

nina + seraina said...

i got papa's old iphone now and its so super hard to use! thats os im hopeless
see you tomorrow!

tiltumaria said...

I <3 Weekend Madness! What better way to let go of your weekday woes than to party with your friends!

Emily said...

omg the skull cups are SOOOOO Cute!! i need them!

Oracle Fox said...

Such fun pics!! It would have been so amazing to meed Gala it was so cool she was out here, I think she'd be lovely! Congrats on the Sportsgirl feature, yaay!


Call Us Mesdemoiselles said...

nice pics! look like you guys are having fun!

Lauren said...

Very cool skull cups, awesome. Looks like you had a mad weekend! xoxo

Lora said...

You are so very beautiful much like your friends!...I love following you!

Much Love


See Me Everywhere said...

wow those skeleton mugs are HUGE!

VanilahFashion said...

Ahh BEC! I love that pretty face :)

we work for the same company, lovely lady :)

Cool shots!

Teags xx