Saturday, June 19, 2010


Crush of the day – Winona Ryder, Circa 1990.
I have always LOVED Winona...
I remember being a teeny tiny and gushing over her in Mermaids.
Although I was more often caught imitating Christina Ricci,
timing myself hold my breath in the bath..
....but that’s another story.
Winona has such a delicate beauty about’s hard to describe.
But in front of the screen (especially in her earlier years)..
You simply can’t help but absorb every word and mannerism she makes...fall victim if you will.
She is simply – amazing.
Hope you all had a lovely Saturday!
Back to work! Spending Sat night in being a study bug.
I totally hired Melrose Place Season 1 earlier this week...
...get on it! haha. Addicted.


Christina said...

hah she's great.. her face is neither normal nor too weird..if I was a guy she'd really attract me! :P :P

Chloe Michele said...

This is gold! I also love Winona x

Coco and Zaahb said...

Girl interrupted is one of my favorite movies, great post


rouli said...

really amazin pics!!!!!!!!!!

lovely post!!!!!!!!

cool outfits!!!

keep visitin:))


Sarah said...

wow, old school! I really loved her with the pixie cropped hair, really suits her features xx

Miss Glenn said...

Very helpful post.

DiDi said...

i love dis movie with jolie! i dont know the title in english ! ye its 1 of my faves!!!!!

Eli said...

looking at these photos makes me re-realize how beautiful she is

Abby said...

heck yes!! had massive crush on her when I was a kid, wanted to be JUST like her, even used to get my hair cut the same!

Mermaids = awesomeness!

x the city said...

oh i fully concur.
and angelina jolie is girl interrupted is fairly fine as well

Fashion Tidbits said...

loved her in edward scissorhands!!!

Laura said...

I think I probably know Girl interrupted by heart.

akhil wify said...

Boggling secrets

trinath wify said...

Woah, this movies is one of the best vintage movies I've ever watched lately. I might wonder how could they even write this wonderful script back those days. Anyhow thanks for reminding us.
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