Black Weave Ugg Boot - Whooga
WELL...just in time....to save my feet from freezing off that is..
Today I recieved these ultra amazing Ugg Boots from the team at Whooga
And could they have come at a better time or WHAT. Amazing.
Whooga sent me these pups for me to do a little review...who could say no right?
They are ugg boots, it's freaking cold, and it's all about spreading the love.
These are quality uggs people, I am talking Australian merino fleece...heavvvvvy.
In saying that they are manufactured and shipped from China..
..but what major ugg label isn't? eg.UGG Australia,which is an American company, do too.
Anyyyway I love them, they are comfy and are like warm merino heaven.
As much as I sort of wish I could have gotten the traditional tan colour...
..I know myself better, and well, they would have ended up this colour regardless. haha.
Ok it's bed time...possible with these still on.
NIGHT and thank you again Whooga..you saved my toes :)