Photography –
Styling- Myself and Zanita
Model – Moi
So here is the shoot
Zanita and I did together.
It was so amazing to work with Zanita again
She really is such a positive part of my blogging experience thus far.
And is a blogger I have been friends with right from the start.
Also seeing her photography skills get better by the minute (literally!)
I feel so privalleged to have done this little collab with her..
..I think it will be my claim to fame one day soon to say the least!
Thanks again Z :)
Hope you guys enjoy the shots!

Here are the clothing references
Outfit 1 -
Lawn Tee-American Apparel, High-Waist Brief-American Apparel
Outfit 2 -
Stylestalker Dress, Floral Lace Bra-American Apparel, Chiffon Skirt-American Apparel
Outfit 3 -
Floral Lace Bra-American Apparel, Lawn Shirt-American Apparel, Stylestalker Zanita Pant
Outfit 4 - Denim Shirt- Vintage
Outfit 5 - Oxford Shirt-American Apparel, Denim Jacket-Levi's Vintage, Corduroy Circle Skirt-American Apparel, Sunnies-Sportsgirl
Outift 6 - Shirt- Vintage, Shorts- Sportsgirl
Outfit 7 - Floppy Wool Hat- American Apparel, Shirt and Skirt- Vintage
Neckalce Throughout - Gift from my Sweeeet Thang on my own chain.