American Apparel
Nylon Spandex Mesh Button Up Shirt
American Apparel
Calf Socks in Stone
Ellen Tracy Tweed Vintage Jacket
Victor Ridingbrutes (boots)
Peter Williams, Riding Pants
Vintage Watch (used throughout)
John Cavill Jacket, Vintage
Belt, watch, vintage
American Apparel
Shirt and Riding Pants
Victor Ridingbrutes (boots)
Zara Jacket
American Apparel
Shirt and Travel Pants
Belt and Watch Vintage
Wittner Boots (Bridal Top, Black, Calf)
American Apparel
White Shirt
Windsor Equestrian Apparel, Navy Blazer
Vintage Watch and Leather Belt
Zara Blazer
Ridingbrutes (boots)
R.M Williams Belt
American Apparel
Calf Socks in Stone
R.M Williams Belt
Bowie Cashmere Cardigan
American Apparel
White Shirt
Windsor Riding Apparel, Vintage Jacket
I can share with you the shoot I styled with model Alexis Whelan (
Henryk Lobaczewski and Make-Up Artist Amelia Axton.
We were super excited to get our equestrian on for this and I am
so thrilled with the result.
Such a great team to work with...Henryk is amazing to watch shoot!
Alexis was so gorgeous in real life as well as in print...
..she is one to watch :)
Amelia is also now blogging it up over at Makeup and Tiramisu..
..check it out - she is super talented and has an eye for all things fabulous.
Back to work!
Have a good day lovers!