Illustration - Kelly Smith
My favourite artist Kelly Smith has done it..again!
Kelly has recently been working on some illustrations for the launch of the
ROC Eyewear Spring Summer Lookbook
And what an amazual job she has done indeed!
I can't wait to see the entire series.
On a personal note..this excites me even more so as the male model used
in this campaign, Jake Gordon (Chic), is a very good friend of mine.
So was naturally VERY excited to know Kelly was going to be drawing him!
Looking fiiiiiine Jakey Gee :)
Also to feature in the campaign are female models Victoria Lee and Lauren Esther.
Kelly - you are amazing!
Happy Monday all
Thanks 1,000,000 for all the love you guys gave me in the last two posts.
I am without words - thank you again and again :)


hélène said...

I love fashion illustrations!! And whoa that's your friend?! Is it normal to find a drawing hot?!? lol xxx

Lori said...

i love those illustrations! the colours are amazing :) and i think there is something hot about that drawing lol! xxx

Amber said...

wauw beautiful!

rouli said...

cool post!!!!!!

lovely words too!

keep in touch!


tiltumaria said...

Kelly continues to stun me with her amazing talent!! Fantastic, once again!

Michelle Elaine said...

isn't kelly's work just simply amazing!? i love her!!


MMM said...

woow stunning! great drawings...
have a look at


Gorgeous! Love the colors. :)

Lily said...

Love, love, love the illustrations!

I cannot get over her use of colour - it's just incredible!

Very gifted.