Was so excited today when I was replying to commenters to stumble across this blog..
...these girls are bloody GORGEOUS and have amazing style.
I love finding new blogs - they really pop up everyday...
...too many blogs and so little time!
Now I KNOW I have promised a few posts and yes they are coming..
...I need to wait on a few things before I can post so be patient :)
It is coming - p r o m i s e.
On another note...
...just got home from an amazing night of bowling and laser skirmish.
Honestly SO much fun.
..screaming, laughs, face plants, setting off chocolate machine alarms..
Think this could be a fortnightly activity for sureeee..quite the workout too! haha.
Happy Wednesday Loversssss
A quick masssssive THANK YOU to my blog followers... guys really make my days brighter and I appreciate every bit
of love you guys give me more than I can express.
Thank you thank you thank you :)