Photos - My Own
Illustrations - Kelly Smith
Horse - Ash Tray (from an Op/Thrift Store)
Boom Box - Oldddd School
Red Clock - KMART Current

I took these pictures when I fist moved into my new Sydney Studio
but had totally forgotten to post them and just found them today!
So here is a little piece of my world.
The clothes rack is nooo way all my clothes....I have too many!
..just my work clothes I like to have on hand and seperate from the rest.
Love my little ash-tray horse...had him about 6 months now.
And my K-Mart wall clock is amaze! $15 people.
So many little treasures.
I love nothing more...than to make a space 'my own'


Brooke said...

Where's your clothes rail from? I need to get some more and it looks nice and sturdy.


jQUii_x said...

V nice little lady.
LOVE the boom box.

Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

Hey Brooke!
Yes it's great got it from here in sydney the place is in Prestons. Cost me $80 or $90 all up. It folds down to and there is no construction needed! SOOO GOOD!

Thanks for comments lovers xxxxxx


FashionJazz said...

Wow, ur post is fabulous!! I luv everything! X

rosanguyen said...

Your world is indeed awesome. I want something just as amazing.

frances said...

B, I want to come live with you s'il vous plait. x

Coco and Zaahb said...

I love your room, its definitely a personal space filled with the things ur into,I love that


Ms. Chyme said...

You're awesome!

thingsIlove said...

Lovely room!

[Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken]* said...

looks great. I really like the clock (and it was sooo cheap!)


hélène said...

These are beautiful!! What a great space. I'm so in love with those gold frames. Your taste is amazing!

fleurisa91 said...

I have the same clock! I took it off though cause it was too loud lol. Great room!x

Audrey said...

I love the magazine cutouts on the wall. Just like an inspiration moodboard. Nice place you have!=)

Michelle Elaine said...

Your space is fantastic! I wish I could take pics of mine, but having moved in with the boyfriend well let me just say OUR space is not up to par :/


tiltumaria said...

Ooohhh I love how you've made it "you're own" have you considered extending your field of expertise into interior decorating?

Stéphane Malingue said...

cool blog, cool site, Stéphane

rachel said...

That wall is amazing!

phie said...

are you a permanent sydney sider now!? you would be a cool roomie!??... :)

kathryn-louisa said...

Love seeing peoples rooms - it's like a little snippet of their world, and your world looks mighty fabulous!


Kelly said...

Haha awwww I can't believe my girls migrated to Sydney with you Woog!
I'm touched!

Love your collage - such a nifty idea putting it around the window.


Stace said...

I really love that cute little window you've got!
the little horse and trinkets are so pretty :)

I wish my room looks that good x

Jes said...

Crank that red clock! Love it! Gold horse is radical too babe xx

Tala said...

Man!I can't wait to move and redecorate!!! So fun all the time!

Anyone has a room in Amsterdam for me?!??

LoveMore ur blog every post you do :-)

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

absolutely love the way you've done up the place! selby should come pay you a visit! haha. xox

Unknown Pleasures said...

WIth looking at your room, it just feels like a homely space. Creative, just like i love my home to be!I like making my apartment like a piece of art, rather than just a place i sleep and eat!

Check out my blog please!



P.s Keep up the great blogging!

heleen said...

Ahh, this is amazing! I love so many things about your room. The second picture is very The Shelby-esque, and I adore the large inspiration collage on the wall. And of course I'm jealous at the artwork you have from Kelly Smith!

Ro said...

nice studio!love all of your wall posts!

L e D. said...

is that your room?
xoxo *-*

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Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

have i commented on this yet??? i LOVE your little inspiration wall! the insides of my wardrobe are plastered with pictures too

A and A said...

beautiful wall of quotes and images... love your desk...
love this blog!
how did I just find it?
hmmm. pondering....

love from San Francisco.

The Little Fashionbud said...

OMG i love this! just my style... the red watch and te vintage casette player - cool! :)