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Love Abbey. Always.
So into this ensemble she is totally owning.
Outfits like this..can only be done with confidence.
Can you imagine someone in this who wasn't 100% confident in what they were in?
Her dark lips here massively edge it up too. Super hot.
Night lovers.
Early night of reflecting for me tonight.


.sabo skirt. said...

We absolutely adore Abbey!! And she looks totally fabulous here =) She's totally rocking those dark lips.

xx .sabo skirt.

fashionisfueledbyobsession said...

omg love is an understatement!haha she is incredible

liz said...

she always looks so awesome

Lyndon said...

Go on your own. You're too good to follow other people's rules and instructions. People like you are sposed to lead, not follow. Start your own shit. Fuck it

Kelly said...

Absolutely lovee Abbey as always!! And its true.. that you need to have the confidence to own what you wearing. And not allowing what you wear to own you.

[Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken]* said...

uuuuh... I love that lipstick!


Becky said...

love that scarf!

Lauren said...

Love the dark lip colour xx

♥ Cara Mia ♥ said...

that's a really great look...i love it! ♥

stylestalker said...

shes like a gorgeous little vampire!

fashiongirl said...

I love the tights she's wearing!