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Edward Scissorhands.
I watched it last night (twice) and it always leaves me wanting more.
The music, the story, the's just so beautiful.
Tim Burton did this one to absolute perfection.
If you have not seen it (!!) please, please go watch it.


rachel said...

This is one of my all time favourites. Love it so so so much!

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

one of my faves too! love love love everything about it

Dani said...

I love Jhonny,and i love that moovie!
It makes me cry like crazy,jaja

Kelly said...

Bel Bel stop it! You're KILLING me.
You're KILLING me Smalls!
I want to watch this so bad now.

Isa said...

it's a beautiful fairy tale.
I love tim burton, he creates beautiful parallel universes.


Anita said...

Probably my favourite movie of all time <3

mel said...

i love edward scissorhands! winona ryder is amazing
have an awesome week girlie

Fashion Tidbits said...

it's a gorgeous, scrumptious movie!!!

Emilie said...

It makes me cry each time I watch it...
Great movie!

Stompface said...

love this movie so so hard.

cry absolutely everytime I watch it. but that's not saying much, I cry at EVERYTHING.

I cried hysterically yesterday watching underbelly because rick from home and away killed that cat. WHY RICK FROM HOME AND AWAY WHYYYYY!!???

hope you are as happy as some kind of thing that is happy a lot!



thingsIlove said...

Watched this movie last night too!

Emm said...

i love this movie


Tala said...

OMG!I just watched it the other night as well!!!I love it!

Coco said...

Pretty sure I would marry Tim Burton. Amazing.

Elegantly Wasted said...

This film never gets old!

Just B. said...

I love Edward Scissorhands!
Such a beautiful movie...