Sharp Shoulder Jacket -
T-Shirt - Sportsgirl
Jeans - Bardot
Belt - Leather Vintage Op/Thrift Shopped
Shoes - Mens Leather Vintage Op/Thrift Shopped
Sunnies - Minty Meets Munt Crown St
Bag - Witchery, Leather
Necklaces - Markets, and Jake Gordons ;) Thanks Jake.
Well HEL-LO sunshine!
Today outside, the weather is GORGEOUS.
So I couldn't wait to bust out my pink shoulders jacket.
Fits the mood in the air perrrrfectly.
Anyone in Sydney; you know what I am going on about.
So excited - we are shooting the Stylestalker lookbook tomorrow.
Will be a BIG LONG day indeeeeeed.
But am going to snap the house down and share some pics with you guys.
Stay tuneddddddd :)