Just last week..Tangent Magazine released their 3rd issue BOLD...
..and it totally blew my mind.
The amout of creative energy poured into and absorbed into the online mag is HUGE.
I have been a reader of Tangent since their first issue...
..and they seem to continue to out-do themselves yet again.
Above is my favourite editorial from the current Issue.
"Dita Feathers"...howwww amazual is it?!
The shot of her hanging those feathers is so genius.
Emmanual Giraud (photographer) brings so much energy into all his shoots..
and Heather Cairns (stylist) is always so spot on and hits the theme and vision every time.
Can't wait to see what is to come in the next!
I was also VERY flattered to be featured in the current issue...

Feel very chuffed to be mentioned as a 'new kid on the block'!

Also mentioned are some other blogger budsss..
Daniella at The F Blog, Noemi Sunshine Ferst at Life in Lomo and xxN and Yenny at Studded Hearts.
Def hit their blogs up too! ALL must sees!
Thanks again guys! :)
Now so sorry for lack of posts recently all!
My computer is having some issues uploading anything to photobucket..
and is just playing up in general. So so annoying.
I am trying to work around it though so no fear. ha.
Hope you all had great weekends!!!!!