Leather Jacket - Stylestalker
Lace Leggings / Tights - American Apparel
Love my Stylestalker Leather goodness...
...pretty sure as we hit some really cold weather here, this won't leave my back.
Also totally into these lace leggings from American Apparel...
...it's like tough and girlie all at once. Hectic.!
Not much to report personally...
..still keeping busy, working non stop, meeting new ppl everyday.
Just soaking it all in.
Life is good.


Maria said...

just bought the lace dress from American Apparel, love it.

Jes said...

Hot Bel! Love the black and white.

Hey question, are the leggings completely see through? been tossing up whether to purchase

Tracy Lacetights said...

Wow, I realy like your lace tights. It's looks great on you.


Fashion By He said...

wow you look amzing, such a great concept!!!

-He approves

tiltumaria said...

Oh so fab and sexy! Gorgeousss! How's your new job going?

Phuong said...

it looks amazing! Great buys

Marie Z. said...

You look great! I love your lace leggings. I want to know too: are they completely see-through?


Neekoh said...

Yowza! Lookin' hot, girl!


LoveMore said...

Hi all! Thanks SO much for your words - love you.

Maria - You look smoking hot in your dress babes!

Jes and Marie Z - Thankyou both! And YES they are fairly see-through. Enoug to never go out in JUST the leggings as a bottom. (unlike my pic here). But I wear them under dresses, skirts, with shorts etc. I love that they can me made to look girly, or grungey!

Tiltumaria - Thanks babe! Yes my job, well all 3 of them, are going well thanks! Soooo flat out - but loving it all! Hope you are going well too :)

Fashion By He - thank you! I love to get a little 'out of the norm' sometimes for fun.

Thanks again all :)



stilettostetico said...

AAaaw And Frankly what an electrifying combination, it sounds very "GLAM Rock-issime sylph escaped on Alcôve Territory" . . .
ps: With All my sincere "cyber moral support" about your hard schedule Dear !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Nichol Brooklyn said...

Love it the leggings.

Been wanting to get my hands on those lace leggings, lace dress, and lace leotards for some time.

hope that they would give me some discount after I do my AA shoot.


kirstyb said...

love the jacket xxx

Lillian said...

Yummm, I love how the leather jacket looks so comfy and fluid!

YC said...

Brazilian greetings!!
Amazing pics! Great blog, good texts. Congratulations!

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See ya! Great kiss!

Nadege said...

adoring this hot number - I'm a
huge fan of girly-tough.

rachel said...

That jacket is so good! Love the drapey front.

Coco and Zaahb said...

Those are leggings? I love the jacket


Jes said...

Thanks gorgeous x

Emily said...

Hey bebe.
You look smokin' as always.
Hope life in the big city is fab. Hopefully catch you up there soon!

Take care hun. xxxxxxxxxx

MELISSA Z. said...

I love the combo sooooo much! Well done!


Zanita said...

Hey Pretty lady - doing anything tomorrow afternoon? Wanna take some pictures with me?

JazzyG said...

looking beautiful bel! style stalker jacket is perfect. missing you heaps, hope you had fun with claire and cooper tonight! xx

Marlboro Martini said...

Where are your clothes? ;-)

annamargrete said...

You look great. Those leggings are so cool.

Great blog!

rouli said...


love it!!!!!!!