Long Sleeve Lace Mini Dress - American Apparel
Mask - $2 Shop

Hey guys hope you all had lovely Friday's!
As you know..I have been FAR more proactive with outfit posts lately..
...and thought I might get a little more creative..
so this was the result.
Love the lace A.A Dress!
This dress should really come with a warning..
"may result in cat-mask-like-slightly sexual photoshoots.." haha
Speaking of American Apparel...
...I am featured in a little something on their international blog
I wear
Lawn Tank - American Apparel
Lace Bra - American Apparel
Wool Floppy Hat - American Apparel
Bow Around Hat - American Apparel
California Select Skirt and Bag - American Apparel Vintage Collection
Belt and Shoes - Vintage, My Own
Dimi Wears
California Select sweat and collared button up Shirt
Postal Boy Shorts - American Apparel
Took these shots just today in the sunshine with the Sydney crew.
Fun times!
To see the rest of the shots head HERE.


Jes said...

Jesus Bel! You look divine! Some seriously sexual feline behaviour!

LoveMore said...


Thanks sweet Jes :)

xxxxx BEL

kathryn-louisa said...

You are too gorgeous for words! Love the lace&mask combination...


Lis-x- said...

Love this look! The hair is lovely jubbly too. =)

Lis xxx

Off The Wardrobe

DiDi said...

YOU KITTY!!!!!!!

mel said...

love this dress! amaizng pics the mask is also really fab

proletkult said...

oooh baby! ;-)

veronica<3 said...

Wowwww great photos
That dress looks great on you
I tried it on didn't like it!!!
Love your blog xoxoxo

Fashion Tidbits said...

woah whoo! you're too hot for words, Bel!

Platform Princess said...

Are you trying to kill me?


That is all.


Amber said...

Great photos!

Caitlin said...

Loooove the lace!

Neekoh said...

You've just convinced me to recreate the sexy-lacy-cat-maskey photoshoot!


Mariezee said...

Gorgeous lace dress! And great pics!

DiscoVery said...

The lace dress suits you so well!!


6roove said...

gorgeous look
mask is amazing

Watching the waves

LoveMore said...

Thaanks so much for all the LOVE all?!

PP - YES always trying to kill you! Until you fly me to London - DER! xxx Love

Neekoh - ohhh defs do one! FUN!

xxxxxxxxxxx BEL

Anonymous said...

RE-fucking-OW! Haha so pretty you saucey minx. The AA photos are so cute! Very pretty! All of it. Have a nice day. Love Ali & Toby. Xoxo

Sherrie Cola said...

haha the mask suits you! (I don't mean that in a horrible way!) you like stunning here!

Glam + Pony said...

Beautiful shots! The poses are spot on :)

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

meow!!! these photos are pure sex, love love them!

fashionweed said...

you look great! love the california select photo.

Stace said...

gorgeous, and yes, slightly sexual ;D
I love lace but doubt I could pull off something like that!


les deux said...

love love love the mask. ever since erin fetherston's show for spring, i've been dying to get my hands on a sparkly animal mask. what would i do with it? - no clue. i've got to locate this $2 store you speak of and purchase one. do they come in sparkly rabbit by chance?

les deux - katie

tiltumaria said...

you are sooo gorgeous Annabel darling!!

xs said...

you look hot! you are rocking that dress!

Uly said...

rad pics.. i love a good mask or two!
yeah definitely catch up for drinks.. i'll probably be up for fashion week =D

speak soon xx

curioussoph said...

ok wow. you're on your way to something massive bel. explosion nearing for sure! xoxox love you

katkas said...

love the dress

frances said...

I haven't used this phrase in ages but i believe it necessary:
sex on legs. x

Aleisha Z said...

WOW! best post yet! xxx

LoveMore said...


And so nice to hear from all my Adelaide babes here too! Miss the SHIT out of you ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again guys - go the sex factor! haha

xxxxxxxx L O V E

desire fulfillment said...

this post inspired me to go by this dress, couldn't decide between cream and black - so got both.. L O V E.
will be outfit posting them soon no doubt ;) xxx