Shirt - Mens, Vintage / thrifted / op-shopped
Shoes - Mens, Vintage / thrifted / op-shopped
Belt - Vintage / thrifted / op-shopped
Jeans - Topshop
Sunnies - Housemates
, found in living room, ha
Wore this outfit out last week but never got around to posting it!
I love the denim on denim trend circulating right now... can really have some fun with it and mix it up.
Same goes for wearing pants above the ankle...can't get enough of it!
If you are in Sydney this Saturday the 27th of March...
...there is a MASSIVE sale this at the
Manikinn Warehouse.
40 East St, Five Dock between 10am-5pm.
All summer stock is up to 70% off for one day only!
Prices start at $10.
Yeah baby.


Margaret said...

the sunnies and the shoes take the cake :) <3
looking gorgeous xx

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

love it! love the cuffed hem of the jeans too. when are you going to get yourself off to a modeling agency little miss?

Frou Frou said...

This is my fave outfit you've posted!

selena said...

i am LOVING your latest sydney outfit posts. amazzzzzing.

Chiara Biasi said...

lobe this outfit!

Anonymous said...

all of manikinn's clothing is from china and they lie to everyone saying its from europe, so the 70% off sale is the only way to go.

Emm said...

thanks for the tip on the sale. Going in the city for the newtown markets so might look on the way home.
Newtown markets are supposed to be huge so you should check it out since your in twon now =)

from spindizzyfall

Stompface said...

aw! denim on denim scares me a little bit, what with this weird guy I used to know in highschool who wore denim on denim EVERYWHERE. but you make it look so freakin hot ! weeeeeee to hotdenimnesss!

xx abs

p.s, word verification is supegg, which I imagine is some kind of either super peg ( a really giant peg) or a soup made entirely out of pegs, mmm peg soup.

P.p.s I should stop drinking wine and then commenting on blogs.

cla-sib said...

ohh yes it looks gorgeous on you... love the denim look!

xoox cla

Amber said...

very cute outfit!

Miann - Fashion Falsehood said...

Perfectionnn. Who takes your snaps?

Tegan Joan said...

Really love this outfit!, and especially your shoes. I have ones just like it which my aunty picked up for me at an op-shop in Hobart for $6 ! amazing bargin :)

Fashion Tidbits said...

grrrrrr...:P you know how much I LOVE this trend.

leeselooks said...

gorgeous girl.

i think i've been rocking the canadian tuxedo since birth - i've always loved denim on denim : )

hope your first week at SS is incredible.

sending love + wishes


katrina said...

Gorgeous outfit, love sunnies!

Helen said...

oohh ive just discovered your blog and love your style!!

helen x

Gaya said...

I just posted about looking for THE pair of round sunnies & then now I see your picture. I've never been more tempted to get one now! You look awesome!!! Love your entire outfit <333

your highness said...

if its good enough for chloe..

Before we used to sit in bars and go check him out, d and d, oh dear. Nows its quite the opposite. X

TIFFANY thegirlwithafeather said...

You rock this denim-denim look! Love the glasses too!

♥Lola said...

Love the cuffed jeans :)

Blue is in Fashion this Year said...

Love this!!

smokylash said...

This outfit is perfect, i love your shirt on you ! Its beautiful :)



Coco and Zaahb said...

Such a cute little look,i love eht


Stace said...

wow, those sunnies and your hair are fuckin' insane!
I did a denim on denim post no where near as classy as yours haha.


mariel elisa said...

you are too cool with those sunglasses. just got my first topshop denim and i am in love

F Blog said...

i'm in LOVE with this outfit!!! i think it is my fav! you look perfect girl. xx

Georgia said...

you look soo sexy! love the outfit

tiltumaria said...

Such a PERFECT ensemble, the clothes, the shoes, the shades.... wow! did you get my email? :)

Barbora said...

Well hello lovely,
your personal style is incredible and I really like your blog. Following u, follow me too? <3
"fashionably tasteful.have a bite"

christeric said...

wow how AMAZING are you?!!!! love the denim on denim! and of course we should link exchange! xxoxx

bárbara crespo said...

i also speak about jeans in my post of this week, i hope you visit.
adore your blog

the style crusader said...

i love this outfit on you and the retro-feel to the photos. really lovely! and those glasses are totally awesome! xx

Jes said...

Fabulous finds. You look so good in that top babe. So pretty, Doesn't look like mens though, did you alter?

Lorie said...

VERY great combo!
I love the way you start mixing up vintage with new thingies.
And i wish i had your body!
Thin but pretty thin


So now you live permanently in Sydney??


Phuong said...

Nice outfit!

Nic Nic said...

loving this looK! very inspiring.. you can pull anything off!

Rachel said...

wow i love this. i have this denim wang top that i could never figure out how to wear...i'm going to pair it with my favorite blues now. xo

Neekoh said...

I'm not exaggerating here: I think this is the best denim on denim I've seen to date. Love how it's classy yet a little androgynous. Very sexy!


JoeyAna said...

awesomme sunniess!!


fashionweed said...

i love that shirt. great find. i'm jealous!

imane said...

just lovin your blog !
you look so great , and What a great style :)

hope to see u on mine

cheeky girl

FC♥ said...

The outfit is so lovely, i think mens clothing always looks better on women!
please follow me xx

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

Stunner hon!
Love this outfit!
It's been a while!
Glad to see you are doing so great sweet Bel!

mari claire said...

this is amazing! you pull off the denim on denim well!

♥ ♥

.Me said...

AWESOME look. the cuffed pants and glasses are my fav. :)

Angela said...

love this look especially those shades

Ore.R said...

The shirt looks so good on you
Shade are hot!