Friday, January 1, 2010


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Words cannot express.
Well done Elle UK. Great call. My prayers were answered.
As you know - Natalie Portman is a MASSIVE favourite of mine.
Ever since seeing her as a child actress I grow to love her more and more.
Also crushing photographer David Slijper too...very similar to Camilla Akrans I think.
Hope you ALL felt hungover on this New Years Day too...
...working at 9am until 4pm was not fun at all...
Also realisng I broke my camera last night sucks too..BLAH.
Super excited tomorrow will spend the entire day surfing...
....followed by a dinner date with my Sweet Thang (you know who you are! ha)
Well's on!


FashionHippieLoves said...

happy new year!


Equine Bovine said...

She stole my heart in 'the professional' and I fell over backwards when she did her SNL Easy-E rap parody. She is way bitchin!

tiltumaria said...

Natalie is sooooo beautiful! I've adored her since I was about 6-7 years old and saw star wars for the first time! I've always envied her beauty!

lovelylissy said...

Happy New Year gorgeous :)

Marlboro Martini said...

OMG OMG OMG she is so beautiful, even with a shaved head *sigh*

Mm x

Marlboro Martini said...

I've just seen this is elle uk TOO my fave mag ever... now must dash to the super market.

Emma said...

happy new year!
natalie's looking good!

Fashionista Diary said...

happy 2010!! tons of love! xo

ariel romano said...

have a merry 2010, bel!

Bia said...

just amazing! happy new year :)

kisses, bia.

Anonymous said...

oh no! you broke your camera??? owww :( LOVE penis xx

G said...

Happy new year!

I love Natalie Portman too, V for vendetta is my favourite film ever.

have a nice day!

maiohwn. said...

love your blog !
happy 2010 *

will you follow me aswell ?

love, isabella

Dexter said...

Can't wait to get a copy of this issue!
Happy New Year!

Dominique said...

Happy New Year to you too lady! I wish I felt hungover, I spent New Years Eve in bed, I was pretty sick. And Natalie Portman looks beautiful here.

kathryn-louisa said...

Happy New Year!

Was very, VERY hungover yesterday - do not envy you having to work!


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Sarah O said...

I love your blog!
Happy New Year! :)

I will add a link to your blog
on my page and will you add my link to yours?

Nichol Brooklyn said...

i love Natalie Portman too!!!
She's my fav! she's a beauty with brain, she's from Harvard Uni!!!

and happy new year to u!!!


Betsy said...

Best!!!Lovely... BLOG!!!

Mesothelioma said...

She's fab. I would love to have her looks.

kanishk said...

I fell over backwards when she did her SNL Easy-E rap parody. She is way bitchin!

lise charmel

kanishk said...

now must dash to the super market.

lise charmel

Madame Julietta said...

i love natalie!!!!! najs blog