Vogue UK February 2010
Climate Change
Photographer Daniel Jackson
Model Alla Kostromicheva

If only to have this face...sigh.
I think her hair and my hair should talk too...
...maybe could give mine some pointers on how the hell to grow.
Loving this UK Vogue Editorial too...obviously.
Have tomorrow (tonight, 340am post...again...ugh) night off work.
This means one thing. Which makes me happy.
I am on a mission to hunt down James Dean...or similar.
Happy Weekend Lovers.
Need some beauty sleep.


G said...

the Calvin Klein outfit is stunning.
I want her legs. Miles and miles-long legs.


KK said...

I love Alla, her teeth, her hair, her brows...all amazing

inked said...


electric feel said...

what a beautiful ed!
just pure perfection!
love her eye make-up on the first pic!

WM said...



my favorite colour is shiny said...

she is stunning! and her hair is gorgeous! love this shoot! thanks! xox

Emily said...

amazing editorial! i love your blog -- i'm linking you!!


leeselooks said...

a l l a ! she is ukrainian ! ! ! like me. 100%.

that first picture is AMAZING. the contrast // the pose// the contouring.

oh and you have to come to NYC - i know a guy who is a modern day james dean... seriously.... look-a-like!!! you would L O V E him

have a beautiful weekend my beauty

x x x x

Crystal said...

Wow her legs are ridiculously long. And I love the shoes. Utilitarian and yet stylish.

wreckedstellar said...

Gorgeous- love the 2nd look! xo, mel

curioussoph said...

NO WAY ANNABEL!! Her Hair is good, I'll giver her that... BUT her face? She's very 'modelly', I look at her and see a blank canvas. I don't think pretty/mezmorizing/gorgeous/sexy. I think she is plain. I would way WAY prefer your beautiful face!

BEL face V Alla face

= BEL WINS. Moral of ze story- I like your face. love. xxx

Platform Princess said...

Hey lovely,

Logtime! Alla's legs are endless, a bit like yours- grrr! Hope you had a great Christmas/NY. I've started my own blog... pop over for some tea when you have a mo, haha.

PP x


Anonymous said...

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LoveMore said...

Anon - no worries! :)

curioussoph - awwwwwww tear. I love you. you are the cutest nicest ever. HEY dins still on for Tues Japaneeeeese???? yes yes yes

Nishant said...

what a beautiful ed!

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hélène said...

Alla is seriously stunning, one of my absolute favorite newcomers. Her look is so unique.