Dress - Portmans
Belt - Vintage YSL
Shoes - Sportsgirl Peeptoes (not featured)
Jewellery - mash...
Bag - Witchery Black Leather Zip Feature Bag
This is what I wore out last night to celebrate a friends 21st.
I totally LOVE this dress. So light weight and perfect for summer.
The print reminds me of a pretty butterfly.
I also wore it back to front so it had a low back that.
I don't do A LOT of shopping at Portmans so was shocked when I saw this on sale.
$13? Hello? Yes please.
Was quite a big night and for that was half an hour late to work today...
830am starts are not fun...pretty sure I was still drunk.
BUT I to 4pm and pulled through.
Tonight is going to be a date with my Foxtel recordings..
Have to be up tomorrow to again feast on alcohol for a major pub reuinion party.
The weather is meant to be 39 degrees too.....blisssss.
Hope you are all having super weekends too!


Zanita said...

Such a great print! Psychedelic! i love the scoop at the back too.
Enjoy that heat, i thought tuesday was going to be 39 here but it was a false alarm.
Have a great weekend gorgeous!

Eden said...

Ah stunning!!
How long ago did you buy the dress? ..I want one :)

Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

Oooo pretty......looks so good on you!
I saw SO many cute things in Portmans the other week!
Was so weird...I never really see anything I like there usually - it's always a bit of a last resort.
"You're school has no gymnastics team this IS a last resort"

But since they re branded...! Or maybe I was in a Camilla and Marc daze? Haha.

Kelly said...

^Ugh. I said you're instead of your. I'm shamed.

LoveMore said...

KELLY - haaaaaaaaa BRING IT ON! you crack me up girl. omg i know C and M are sexing it up alright. I love it...I can almost guarantee I won't see anyone else in this's like a secret! haha

Zanita - oh I hope the forecast isn't teasing me! and thank you :)

Eden - only got it on Thursday! hit the stores girl! on sale for like $13. something. crazy! and thank you


Roxanne said...

It certainly does look like a butterfly. The print is just pretty!:)

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bisou-joue said...

this dress is so gorgeous, the print is so great ! Love your belt !

STEFANIE said...

very very pretty! great thing you wore it back to front, it does look amazing that way!

sexyinthecity said...

amazing dress darling!
the belt give the outfit the perfect touch!

leeselooks said...

so dreamy!

beautiful bel.

ah. i wish i could come to aus. right. now
winter is setting in here. scary.

have a gorgeous weekend.

Montse said...

This dress is really nice! and fits you great :)

ARK LIN said...

great print! :)

Jes said...

Sweetheart... What a stunning dress.. You look beautiful. Such a steal $13!!! I only tend to go in there for work pants, really should pop in more often.. Love those rings too!! xx

Rina said...

you look great!

Francheska said...

you look so pretty! that dress is great x

katrina said...

Gorgeous belt! i really love it!


Sarah said...

This is gorgeous! love the print- you look beautiful xx
Happy halloween!

Dani said...

I totally love that dress!It´s so awesome!
But what i like the most are the rings,i love them

LoveMore said...

thank you so much everyone!

your comments are ALL much appreciated :)



Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

$13???? holy crap, im going to have to get myself into portmans this week!

love it

Jyun said...

Like your hairdo that gels perfectly with the boho dress and chunky belt.

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Your dress is gorgeous and your accessories are fabulous! LOVELY outfit :) Portmans has some great pieces!

hélène said...

Dude this dress is amazing!! You look adorable!

Suzanne said...

you look great! lovely dress

tiltumaria said...

oh honey annabel you are SUCH a beauty! LOVE your dress! Fab!

Ashley said...

The print of the dress is beautiful! love the vint YSL belt too.

Allegra said...

and what a beauty of a butterfly

Marian said...

darling you are a total hottie, love the print of said dress and the fab belt.
kiss kiss

Eden said...

I got the dress today.. thankyou!!!

Sofi said...

That is a supercute dress, love it, and the belt is very cool!!

bittersweetsymphony said...

wow that dress is amazing! you look great in these pics :) never would have guessed it was from portmans, looks far too eclectic. that is an absolute bargain!! which store did you buy it from & do they have any left?!

MrJeffery said...

The dress is gorgeous. I also love the vintage belt.

WM said...

love your hairstyle!
Like the way you wear this dress with the belt!