Sunday, September 27, 2009


Dress - Frassy Rags
Belt - YSL Vintage
Vest - Sportsgirl
Hat - Sportsgirl
Boots - Docs
Sunnies - Surry Hills Markets
Wrist Wear - Bondi Markets, Vintage, Tiffany

Hey all!
Hope you are all having great weekends.
Mine was flat out...and my body is feeling it today!
First drinks at 1:30pm....and was not in bed til 3:30am...solid effort.
Sadly left my camera at my friends place so didn't take any photos out...
But we def took enough to make up for that at pre-drinks.
Always a blast.
Shout-out to Jaz - HAPPY 22nd BEAUTIFUL!
Can't wait to get some constant spring weather action!
We keep getting hints of spring and summer but I just want it to stay already!
Also thanks again to the lovely Audrey at FRASSY for the gorgeous dress I am wearing!
I adore it! :) Check out her Frassy Rags Shop HERE.
Please vote for fellow Adelaide Blogger Chantelle HERE in the DKNY Comp.
Even voters can win prizes by simply can vote 10x a day! So why not?!
Thanks! :)


Wikifashion said...

I love your dress, it's so pretty. That party looks like fun xo

Isa said...

looks like you're having a BLAST.
which actually looks painful to me now, still recovering from yesterday night, ayay.

audrey obviously did a great job picking that dress for you, you look amazing!
reminds me to finally do my post on her goodies..


Glamour Bbey said...

Gorgeous! Love the dress and boots!

heleen said...

Love the hat you're wearing, and that dress is just sooo pretty. I'm actually very envious of your approaching spring, although I must admit we're having a wonderful autumn day here. Honey-colored sunbeams and auburn leaves crunching beneath your feet and all that. Beautiful.
Anyway, you look amazinggg.

Juliet said...

It's my first time here, in your blog...and I don't really know how I'm here!:D
But I feel in love with your style and your blog! It's cool, different and amazing!:)
So, if you don't mind...can I add your blog to my favourites?

xxx from Barcelona!

sexyinthecity said...

Love the dress, just beautiful!!


moded'amour said...

you look beautiful! love your outfit.

Suzanne said...

love it, the dress is really cool, especially in this combination!
good job!

leeselooks said...

spring lover thats for sure.
you look. so. cool B.

the hotness is just around the corner!



Blan by BCool said...

you look so cool. the dress is FAB, Frassy is FAB! love it!

tiltumaria said...

LOOOVE your outfit!!! The dress is amazing! And your friends look fab as well! And the flat too, whomever it belongs to :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

To be completely honest, there is nothing that I don't adore about this post. I love the fringed boots, and the fedors, the rings and the frock. You are absolutely adorable and have amazing style! :)

Natalie said...

very cute, i love floral dresses! and ur such a skinnie minnie, everything looks cute on u :)


Audrey Leighton said...

Bel, I love you. And I love the dress on you!
Will be sending more stuff your way soon.
You look fab! gorgeous!

keep in touch lovely! email me!

frances said...

you look stunning, nice jewelryzz! cutie x

Daydream Lily said...

you look amazing, I love your dress!!!

B a la Moda said...

You look amazing in that dress. Everything works in your look. Even the make up. very fresh!

B* a la Moda

F Blog said...

omg you are so cute! And really loving that dress on you!!! you look lovely lady.

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

loveee the dress. your skin is absolutely glowing flawless, so jealous! looks like a partyy xo





you are looking beautiful
and i LOVE your friends long striped dress.... yo know where it is from???


Jaz said...


and thats my striped dress, i got it from westfield in bondi junction, the brand is pink stitch... bel do you know the shop me and ali were in coz i can't remember? but thanks!!

looking forward to this weekends antics! xx

Jaz said...

ps i look like a crazy person in the 3rd to last photo!

Beth said...

Gorgeous photos!
LOVE that hat and those bangles are awesome too.
Beth xx

jaco. said...

looking really nice girl yepp.

Stylish Bugaboo said...

such a cute cute cute dress :)

hélène said...

You guys are adorable!!!

Toni said...

you and your friends are cute

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

you look amazing! my girl crush on you grows with every photo hehe

LOVE LOVE the dress!

Bia said...

OMG! You are so beautiful! *-*

kirstyb said...

loving the dress! pics look fab xxxxxxx

KAELA said...

You look great! Love the vibrant florals. x

geisharock said...

i love your hat! i have no idea where my trilby is and these pictures make me want to buy a replacement xoxo

Sylvia said...

Looks like a lot of fun! And cute dress.