Source - TFS
Miranda Kerr...
looking her usual knockout self.
Although I DO prefer her with darker locks...more natural!
She is at the Victoria's Secret Heavenly Enchanted Fragrance Launch in LA.
Wednesday August 26, 2009.
OH - If anyone can ID the dress - would love to know :)
Hope you all had great days!
I can't wait for the weekend - big fun 21st Sat night..woop woop.


Miss Chic said...

I love this photo of miranda, & i love miranda, so sweet!! She's like a goddes :D . Kiss from Spain!

LoveMore said...

Hey Miss Chic!

Yes I agree - golden girl indeed! still not LOVING this new hair colour though..so dead looking?! her brown locks were so amazing and healthy loooooking...ohhhh well...maybe they will return!

xxx bel

Fashion By He said...

your right that outfit is perfect...great fit


Zoe Rosenberg said...

Awesome dress! The shoes go prefectly with it! It looks very fresh and light, but still sexy

Nandi said...

*Love her dress x

Suzanne said...

perfect hair!

Shin said...

Can I please have her dress? Thank you! She looks so gorgeous! I love the shoes too! xxooxoxo

Noir Blanc Et Rouge Partout said...

m i r a n d a
l o o k s
g r e a t
w i t h
b l o n d e r
h a i r
b u t
i m u c h
p r e f e r
h e r a s
b r u n e t t e.


Anonymous said...

she looks a bit skanky
which is a shame coz she normally looks gorgeous