Thursday, June 4, 2009


Catherine McNeil, Darla Baker, Agyness Deyn, Dree Hemingway and her close friend, actress Becka Diamond, Klara Wester, Emma Veronica Johansson and Joan Smalls.
Nothing like some amazing model street style!
IN LOVE with Dree and her friend Becka and Klara Wester's style..but all take my heart for sure.
Sorry AGAIN guys for lack of those who were worrying and sent me messages thanks again and again and YES I am fine :) just not putting as much time into blogging atm sure you all know how easily that can happen!
Hope you are ALL well!
..some hot skinny leg jeans which are brand new and a hot leather Cellini bag :)


blackbook said...

fantastic selection!
and loving agyness' longer hair xo

Kelly said...

Goooooooorgeous girls.

I'm starting to get sick of looking at models all day long. I'm giving myself a complex.

Hippie Frou Frou said...

Such fabulous style-love Klara Wester's look-that high waisted skirt is awesome!

jess s//

ps//give-away on my blog, be sure to enter!!

Mimi said...

Glad to hear your okay, I was beginning to get worried!

I miss my Bel :)

Love all the pictures, amazingly inspirational


Fashion Moment said...

Great post, especially the last photo and outfit!


tiltumaria said...

Yaaay, new post!! LOVEloveloveloove these looks! Agyness is fab as always, love the grunge vibes!!

Belle said...

LOVE what Catherine McNeil and Klara Wester are wearing - stunning!!

Anonymous said...

I don't really like dree hemingway, she's just too much a wannabe-it girl. It feels she popped up from nowhere and nobody really knows what she has contributed(except being the granddaughter of...).And her style ain't that special either. Been here done that i guess..
Agyness on the other hand is just wonderfull!!She's one big piece of personality!Andddd she looks fun.AND i want her sweater DAMNNN.

keep up the blogwork!It's great:)

Choo said...

I like the last girl outfit!xo

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

love catherine mcneil's outfit, its so me.

cute post bel!

electric feel said...

heard now a long time nothing from you!
how is life, my dear?

by the way great outfits of the ladies

Fabeaulust said...

i love your selection and agynesss!


Elizabeth Victoria C said...

Dree always looks so put together! I love her style.

min it said...

Love all...but the first one is also very funny and the plastic bag with something red in it is great!!

You cancheck my pictures, composition and style here:

Thanks :)

trigg and trig. said...

wooooow the boots in the top photo! love!

chicknamedhermia said...

What a great collection of street style! I really want to know what's in Catherine McNeil's bag!!!

Rain said...

Models are so beautiful! I'm so jealous they look great in every outfit!

Marlboro Martini said...

They look cool, bujt then they do dress exactly like fashion bloggers - do you reckon they are secret fans???

Lovely where have you been - its been a sad lonely opnline space without you!!!

MM x

Daphne said...



Chanel said...

I loooove the last girl's outfit. I wish I could pull it off! Maybe some day ! haha :D

Platform Princess said...

I've been missing your posts sweetness, glad your back! Thanks for the comments, my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw the orange skirt in H&M; and at that price- jeez! Sad story, but I gave most of the freebies to charity in the end; too much clothing, not enough space.
Have a lovely weekend... I'll be sunbathing, haha!

PP x

Platform Princess said...

Oh and I forgot (too busy looking at the pretty pictures) Zara has made a version of the Aggy/balmainish blazer above. Check it out lover.

PP x

frances said...

ey baaby, long time no dig! these photos are hot stuff, the leather in the 2nd one is sublime... as are the faces and bodies of all these ladiees, not fair!
how's things? xxx

L said...

I like the last picture alot really simple

Chesca. said...

LOVELY pictures, i agree i love the one of Dree and her friend.

So again brilliant choice of photos - one day i will look as naturally stylish as these. one day :)


Cathy said...

models always looks so good in their day clothes!

Slanelle said...

i worship agyness style!

Bia said...

They all look so amazing!