Michelle Williams and Nicky Hilton

....Two of my fav pics when it comes to good styling! Love Michelle's look...but the only let down is the shoes and bag! Wish it was Doc's and a leather fringed bag instead..ow.
But I still love it.
And I love Nicky's look too...layering oversized tanks, ripped jeans, layered silver necklaces..
yum yum yum. GOOD GIRLS!

Hope you are all having great weeks so far! HAPPY WEDNESDAY!

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Much love!

pics source - here


tiltumaria said...

Michelle Williams has an icredible sense of style I adore her! Love her floral dress with the jean jacket!! xx

Mimi said...

They look fab, Nicky overall look is perfect! Michelle look is perfect for a summer day, love it!


dv said...

nicky hilton is growing on me

BEACH 11:29 said...

love nicky's look which is surprising yeah?
hey! add me to your blog roll ive click click clicked you to my list of lovies~~

Hippie Frou Frou said...

fab casual looks!

jess s//

Rain said...

Love Michelle's casual style. I do agree with you about the shoes & bag....really relaxed, but could be more fashionable. :)


Moded'amour said...

love the first outfit

shimu's holiday said...

I like Michelle's look. It's like she didn't try too hard to be so stylish. She just pick up what she comfortable with and run her errands.
love it!

Pan's Holiday

Miranda said...

haha i think michelle williams wore that exact same outfit on dawson's creek when florals and denim jackets were first popular :)

Dane said...

Michelle, I love her. I always love what she is wearing.. she rarely gets it wrong.

Bang Ocit said...

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