Allie Crandell in Nylon - Source TFS, inspired by knightcat's post :)

I love this girl and have thought she is such a beauty since her appearance in Duran Duran's "Falling Down" music video...which is one of my favourites. Her face is so interesting and she is anything BUT plain. I want her eyebrows too. Sooooo wish I looked like her...she is a mix between Miranda Kerr and Kate Moss I think...perfect.
I also found this little interview she did on TFS...enjoy :)
What's your full name?
Alexandra Crandell
Sacremento, CA
How did you become a model?
I sent Polaroids to agencies my senior year in high school.
How did you end up on an MTV show?
They cast my boyfriend as a main character, so I got pulled in with him!
What's something about being a model that people wouldn't really know?
You never know your schedule until the day before.
What's something about being on reality television that people wouldn't really know?
It's stressful!
Is it odd watching parts of your life set to an MTV soundtrack?
Extremely! But it's also really fun!
What's your favorite place in New York City?
My new apartment! It's the first place I've lived that's mine!
After modeling, you will be...
Who knows! I have so many passions in life, I could see myself doing a number of things.
Name the first five obsessions that come into your head.
Massages, shopping, scented candles, anything peppermint, Splenda!
We def have the shopping, scented candles and Splenda thing in common! I wish I had foxtel so I could watch The City!!!!! So annoying...I have to wait til it comes out on DVD...BLAHHHH.
Hope you are all having great weekends! It's pouring with rain here which suuucks when you have a cold and feel horrible...oh well...I now have a little heater in my room so can't complain!
Also another reminder...ebay ebay ebay ;) New items up!!!


Florence 17 Australia. said...

you have a fantastic blog
- the colours in those photos stand out so well, she looks amazing
love flor

Emz said...

She looks gorgeous!

Shin said...

She has such a cool style! I love the photos and her interview! xxoxox

becca. said...

shes beautiful, what a lovely photo shoot! xx

Isa said...

she´s so intriguing! and I definitely see a little moss going on there too..
ah how I love nylon, have to get my hands on an issue, kind of hard here in germany.
well first of all I need some sleep.
I think you became like my role model when it comes to a lack of sleep, which is bad, haha.


Kate said...

Oh, cool spread! I'll have to look at it when I get that issue.
I remember her shooting a few of those pictures in an episode of The City a few months back. How fun! :)

xo, Kate

Sol said...

are those the photoshoot she did that they showed on an episode of The city? I kinda doubted of her model habilities, but these shots look great!

Platform Princess said...

Hey doll,

Thanks for the lovely message. Not looking forward to this weekend, sans alcohol- pfft!
Fyi, the model is gorge, but you are too cute to wish you looked like anyone else- brownies honour!

PP x

setyourselfonfire said...

Wow i've never heard of this girl before but she's completely gorgeous! off to google her now xx

F Blog said...

Aw I was just looking at these photos/her interview online!!! I love this shoot and love her look, and I agree I loveee her eyebrows too!!!
Hope you are feeling better love!
Oh and yes those jeans I used in that shoot are my own!

tiltumaria said...

Love these pics! Nylon is so great! Oh, and I am watching the city today! ;) xxx

Abeo said...

really nice photographs. thx for sharing.

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

she's stunning! unusal face, i love it!

augustlovers said...

oh, i love allie - shes beautiful x

Pari said...

i adore your blog!!!

Shannon said...

I think i have a solution to your dilemma LM!

above is a link to watch the city qorks better when you select the 'megavideo' option just in case MTV doesn't work in aussie. i hope you can finally watch the city...allie is gorgeous. xo. said...

Oooo.... I like this photos, are so beautiful :)

Thank you!!!

janettaylor said...

Cool images!
Thanks for sharing!


MJ. said...

Gorgeous! She's got a natural beauty!! And her face...I know what u mean...who doesn't wanna look like her!?!?

But..Am I the only one who gets the impression she's petite? Maybe it's just on these pics...


Fashion Moment said...

Lovely photos, and great answers!


Hello, darling said...

Aaaah I love The City, and I love her =.]

Choo said...

She is beautyfull!xo

Marlboro Martini said...

She is cute, I see her on the city and find her quite wooden and moany but y'know she does take a good picture.
OK deal, I'll put up one outfit pic for one of yours... how do we shake on it over the blogosphere?

heleen db said...

Hey girl, you can watch all the episodes of The City on MTV's official site! :) I did the same, after watching the first episode I was hooked and worked my way through them all at once. Hopefully there will be a season 2!

closeup said...

absolutely great post! she's really beautiful and her answers are so natural ...

have a nice weekend too :)

Mimi said...

She is so beautiful and these pictures are gorgeous!

Love this post!
She kinda also gets left behind with Whitney and Olivia getting all the attention


Stephanie said...

lady!! long time!! ive been soo busy! how are you :) and also a d o r e the post below!!


trigg and trig. said...

i LOOOOOVE lovemore
you rule.

Style On Track said...

ooohh thanks for the introduction, she is beautiful :)

Fashion Tidbits said...

she def has a cute face! :)

Shannon said...

You are so totally welcome LM! It was only fair that you watch it...everyone deserves to experience the awesomeness of The City! haha. I do believe they are filming a second season of The City at this current moment as I read on Whitney's TFS thread. So glad you enjoyed it. It makes me happy to feel I have helped!

Sara said...

you can watch the city online! that way u dont have to wait till it comes out on DVD

frances said...

mmmmah her face makes me want to cry a little bit, she's gorgey.

AvĂșne said...

OH MY GOD! I just think I found my DREAM BLOG! :D WOW! Keep up the good work! I love it all!

Daphne said...

oh! i love nylon!!! im working ina library and there are the collections of nylon... i really love it

Hippie Frou Frou said...

oh wow! she is seriously gorgeous!

jess s//

sarah said...

she's super cute!

Kaela said...

lovely face!! it was fun watching this shoot on the show.

xo k


shimu's holiday said...

wowww..she is inspiring and adorable!
i think i'm in love with her.
Pan's Holiday

curioussoph said...

I want to be her.....

style-magnet said...

Aww I love Allie! Thanks for the pics & the interview :)

didisridi said...

gosh i love her! she my fave model! she the most beautiful brunette i ve ever seen! i wish i could luk like she :'(!

Anonymous said...

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