TV Spring/Summer 2009/10 RAFW

Marnie Skillings Spring/Summer 2009/10 RAFW

Konstantina Mittas Spring/Summer 2009/10 RAFW

Kirrily Johnston Spring/Summer 2009/10 RAFW

Dhini + Gail Sorronda Spring/Summer 2009/10 RAFW
Kirrily Johnston, TV and Marnie Skillings def my favs from Day 3.
Sorry guys not feeling the best today...will have backstage beauties up from yesterday soon too.


Jazzle Dazzle said...

wow I'm loving the earth tones. I wish I could've been accepted as a volunteer worker at Rosemount :( And I miss your WIWT posts love! x

Ali-bell said...

nice picks, I love that Dhini + Gail Sorronda jacket!
I was at the TV show, loved the stuff with the black lines running through it! and all that lasercutting too...
make sure to check out Sara Phillips from today, I was at her show and she had some great stuff!

curioussoph said...

I adore the nude and tan heels, I love how they are so neutral and blend in nicely with the models legs giving them the extra height without detracting from the outfits... Also love the black lace ups up top! Just wish i had the long/skinny legs to pull those off!
xxx keep up the good work! Love you!

Ina said...

Oooh... I see some Alice inspired hair. Nice. ;)

boubou said...

So in love with the last one......
boubou xx

Belle said...

love love love ♥
Thank you for sharing them all darling!!!
I have tagged you in my latest post xx

tiltumaria said...

ooh love the fringe, the nudes... love it all!! xxx

Fashionistadiary said...

loving Dhini + Gail Sorronda!!! thanks for sharing this with everyone, hardly anyone ever blogs about aussie fashion week! xo

feel better belxox

LoveMore said...

yes nudes are simply HUGE for ss09/'s crazy! almost featured in every collection - and i love it.

happy weekend lovers xxxxxxxxxx

Zoƫ said...

Oh im loving RAFW!

Great blog too btw.


Hannah said...

I love the Marnie Skillings and the Kirrily Johnston clock belt! That entire outfit is gorgeous.